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Welcome to PC Repair Swansea, Home computer support.

We at PC Repair Swansea are different to the others.

1. We are a laptop repair company based in Swansea, we do all the work ourselves and even repair laptops for other computer support companies in and around the Swansea area. (Cut out the middle Man)

2. We are a dedicated call out service for Home and Business users providing 365 days a year, 24 hours a day support in Swansea.

3. We believe we are the only company that has the customers best interest as our number one priority, and feel we are the only company you can trust.

Free no obligation quotes or just need some advice? Give us a call

Most computer problems are caused by software issues and can be fixed by our remote support computer repair team RIGHT NOW over the Internet! “Call For More Details”

As well as all of these positive things there is one more important factor. THE PRICE, £20 FOR A 1 HOUR  REMOTE SUPPORT SESSION And most problems can be solved within that

Virus Removal

Includes Malware, Spyware, Trojan etc….

Charging Socket

Usually Completed within 24 Hours

Laptop Screen

Fitted at your home in 30 minutes

Free Call Out

within Swansea and surrounding areas

Free Call Out Virus Removal Charging Socket Screen Repairs